October 1, 2014

Confessions - You Don't Want to Miss These

Welcome back Wednesday hooray for the downward slope now to the weekend.  It's been a little while since I've gotten some confessions off my chest.  I pretty much can never write these posts without thinking of Usher sliding across the floor.  I mean how many takes do you think that took?

You're welcome.  Now you can have that song stuck in your head all morning like I do.  Linking up with Kathy let's do this.

I confess every weekend I have all plans to get posts done ahead of time and like always I'm up finishing things up at 11 at night when I have to be up at 5 to teach Barre.   I swear I'm more creative and witty when I get my second wind around this time.  Do you write daily or plan ahead of time?

I confess.  I really need to start prepping for my bachelorette party.  I went to my bridesmaids house Kelly in the middle of the week so we could look at bridesmaid dresses and do fun girl stuff (side note I think I finally found one fingers crossed!!!)  Glasses Bottles of wine later.....I'm home after my sweet Uber cab drop off......I've eaten an entire Costco cupcake (that was previously frozen) and then I slept through my alarm.  Clearly I can't hang.

In the same day as I was at work making sure I had washed all the cupcake crumbs out of my hair.  I got text messages from my old college roomies who had stumbled upon some of my sweet CD mixes (see I've been sharing the world of fabulous music even back then).  I mean how random they both found my epic CD jams that I had made them and texted me both on the same day.

You are welcome.  Clearly Phatty needs to be spelled with a P.....and two t's and mixx with the double xx's.  In case you didn't know.

Throwback Thursday Wednesday to my beautiful roomies at UF who I still keep in touch with all the time!  Thank goodness that random roommates ending up being lifelong friends!

I actually saw Alexis up in New York the day before I got engaged!  I will never forget her sheer excitement when I told her the next morning!
Ashley and I also send each other videos of ourselves doing some serious car singing and dancing. All at red lights I promise. Thank goodness for tinted windows.  Otherwise someone may try to commit me for my sheer craziness.  My last epic car dance was to the Little Jon Bend Ova' song.....something about getting your knees to touch your elbows....just try it.  It's harder than you think.

I confess we rolled out our new warm up in Barre.  Usually I demo a few things and then circle around and help with corrections but when it's new I have to demo basically the whole thing while enthusiastically talking into the mic.  Well last night by the end during the pushup segment I could barely catch my breath but clearly couldn't let on.  By the end I was sweating like I just ran a few miles.  Definitely time to kick back that cardio right?

Clearly this was not me by the end......

I mean if Nicki Minaj can look like that just lifting 2 lbs weights in a thong bikini clearly I'll be okay right?

Seriously y'all I watched that video once and I was disturbed.  I almost want it taken off the air in a straight protest of women's rights.  The most degrading thing I've ever watched but (<---literally) that is a soapbox I don't have even have enough words for right now.

Moving along.  I confess....I've eaten taco soup every day for lunch this week and I have no food in my house.....I stared down at that soup tonight and decided to go with peanut butter instead.  Cookie Butter more specifically.  From Trader Joe's.  Out of the jar. With a butter knife....because all the spoons are dirty.  I have started the countdown of officially moving out of my place can't you tell.  It was either that or thawing out another Costco cupcake......

Let me leave you with this gem.  How to Meet Women in the Grocery Store.

I honestly can't even type this out I'm laughing so hard.  Is that not seriously the creepiest thing you've ever seen?  Why is he cruising down the makeup aisle??  That makes him that much more of a creepster!  I like his 3 steps.  If you have 5 minutes to burn today youtube search "how to meet women in the grocery store".  If this is the advice men are following.....wow I should really get into a new career path!  Hope you are having a fabulous day!!! xoxoxo

September 30, 2014

Some Fall Fashion Trends......Yea or Nay?

I got a text from Biana on Sunday with her in an adorable Fall hat which now I'm convinced I need to add to my collection.  In her text she labelled it "hat yea or nay?"  As I was driving back from Barre tonight that phrase from B came back into my head as I was perusing some recent Fall trends.  So give me your thoughts when it comes to these trends that I've been seeing all over.

Fur Vests

If you are digging this look naturally I found some for you!

All things Fringe

Leather Accents

Bring on those leather leggings!


Fur + Plaid + Topknot = Ultimate Blogging Fall Outfit (plus probably with a PSL in hand).  Love it.

I got this plaid one and I'm obsessed highly recommend.  I ordered it in a small.


This one will probably be added to my closet but this chain beauty definitely is on my radar as well! Double the points for hat and fur vest!

Alright spill what are your thoughts about these trends?  What is on your radar for all things trending this Fall?

September 29, 2014

Weekending & Taco Soup Recipe

Welcome back to Monday.  From Friday late afternoon till Sunday night I cleaned, organized and parted ways with over half of my condo.  I can honestly say not one drawer or corner of my placed was left untouched.  It was seriously the most cathartic feeling.  4 years in one place really adds up!  My mother as always sprinkled her Martha Stewart fairy dust and with an whole SUV loaded down with all my former 20 something teeny tiny going out dresses and entire Vera Bradley duffle set she was on her way back home.

So naturally I don't have many pictures that didn't involve me with a messy bun, workout clothes and various glasses of vino in hand.  We did take a quick break to head over to the spot for my bridal shower to pick out a fabulous menu that naturally involves cupcakes and "dusted color sugar to match my wedding colors".......sounds good sign me up for that.

I did make it out midweek for some sushi and drinks with Kelly.  Watched the fairytale ending to Derek Jeter's last home in Yankee Stadium.  Pretty much obsessed with this Barre shirt, "What the Tuck".  Snapped this quick one after my 6am class.

Cleaning out the closet and away it went.  Look at all those newly found hangers.  I went through my costume box.  I still couldn't part with this dress.  I mean it's vintage and fits like a glove.  Throw on  some ears and I can be a Cheetah or something?

Halloween decorations out and finally printed out some pictures to put in my frames.  What a concept right?

I will leave you with this.  My absolute favorite recipe for football season.  Full link here Taco Soup.  Seriously every person I've shared this recipe with rave about it.  Disclaimer I clearly did not invent this.  It was shared with me but I added a few tweaks.  I served mine over rice for Mark with sour cream and cheese delicious!

Linking up with Biana and Meghan for their Weekending linkup!  Did you have a good weekend?  Do you love cleaning out your closets?  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!  xoxo

September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites - September Closing Down

So this is the last Friday of September right? I feel like it was just yesterday I was looking in my planner and saying to Mark in a few weeks we would be seeing B and meeting Pamela for the Gator game and that is already long past now.  This week was so crazy.  I swear the typing I do at work now for patient charting......I leave and my wrists are numb.  I am really looking forward to this weekend.  My mom is coming up and we are meeting with the chef for my bridal shower and she is starting to help me clean/organize my place for the big move out of my perfect little condo.  I have to shrink my closet pretty much in half.  Anyone interested in a blog sale?  When I mean sale I mean things still with tags on that are perfect but aren't going to fit in my new half of a walk in closet I will have reign over......that is another whole topic of discussion.  Let's get right into it!

Favorite Song

Changing this one up on you this week!  She has such an incredibly haunting voice.  This song has such a strong beat......definitely leads to some car singing and steering wheel pounding/car dancing.  She also makes me feel old because she's 18 but that's besides the point.  Ella Henderson "Ghost".

Favorite Recipe

I mean it contains one pot and it's a Mexican dish smothered in cheese.  Can it get any better than that?  One Pot Burrito Bowl full recipe here.

Favorite Workout

Okay.  You have to do this workout by yourself.  Like make sure if you have roommates/significant others/children.....they are nowhere to be found.  If you love dancing you will love this video.  Fast forward 4 minutes in so you miss the cheesy introduction.  I almost skipped it.  I also skip workouts where the instructors wear their hair down.  Listen if you can wear your hair down, do the workout and instruct.  It's not challenging enough or you're a freak who doesn't sweat.  However I absolutely love dancing and all those hip rolls and the amazing music.  I swear I could probably do this chicks workout dances on the regular (I kinda want her gold workout outfit.  Halloween anyone?)  Oh at the 53 min mark that was one of my favorite spinning jump songs.....killer.

Favorite Purchase

Pretty much everything in this post because it happened but specially this.

Favorite Funnies

Honestly even when I taught a few spin classes of week I would still get winded....lesson take the stairs and take them two at a time.

I swear I should have been a private investigator....you ask I'll find it from clothes to second lives

I'm sorry this just made me laugh so hard.....

I mean we are read this post right?  Clearly we are always right

Pretty much me this entire week since Mark has been out of town

When I walk into a patient's room and realize I forgot my stethoscope/labs to review/the computer to chart with

When Mark leaves for softball in the morning on the weekend and I sleep in and put on workout clothes but never really make it to Barre.....

Finally.....you thought you were having a bad day???

It's Friday let's dance it out.....

Okay now it's your turn tell me all your favorites and make sure to swing by all the amazing peeps who linked up!  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!  xoxoxo

September 25, 2014

My Blogging Essentials

Alright y'all I'm going to be real with you I don't particularly love blogging tutorials.   They usually are nothing ground breaking and I feel like I wasted 10 minutes of my life by reading them.  I always get sucked in on Pinterest with pretty pictures like this


I am no veteran blogger by any means but I am all about efficiency and these are my essentials to make life that much easier.

For Making Collages- Blogstomp

First and foremost get Blogstomp.  It was seriously the BEST investment I ever spent for the blog.  I was initially turned off by the $50 price tag but I found a coupon code (naturally) and it is the biggest time saver ever.  Basically it takes your very large photos and "stomps" them to a much smaller size but it maintains the high quality of them.  Therefore your page will load much faster. You can also set your width so all the pictures are the same.  Also if you want to watermark all your pics when you "stomp it" it adds the watermark wherever you want it to.  I use to use Pic Monkey because it was free but this seriously is so much faster and easier.  Plus when you want to make collages it is insanely easy.  For example.

Here are my pictures from the recent Fall Outfits I was digging post.  They are all very large files because I took it with my DSLR camera.  So you open them all and the grab the ones you want to put into a collage.  Pick the collages on the right you like the best and you can even mix it up (rearrange how the pictures go into the collage).

Then "stomp it" and voila a beautiful collage, perfect width and maintains the quality with a small size.  You can adjust how much of a line thickness you want.  I prefer no line but that is preference.  I didn't like what a thick line picmonkey would add, I found it distracting for me.

For Editing and Adding Text - Photoshop

Now I don't think having photoshop makes or breaks my blog to tell you the truth.  However my brother is an AV Engineer and the last time he was down in Florida this is what he put on my computer.  Seriously I have no clue what 98% of these are.....but thanks for all the expensive software.

This is how I add all my sweet witty text to my pictures.

Once again I don't think it's essential but I have it already so why not use it.  I found a great alternative which is free.  It's called Pixlr and it's very similar to photoshop.  What I love about it you can actually crop circles.....which in photoshop there is only an ellipse tool which is so fun to try to make perfect round circles for an OCD individual like myself.  I would say play around with pixlr and if you really like it and find it useful then upgrade to photoshop when you outgrow the functions within Pixlr.

Also I will tell you sometimes photoshop gets exhausting.  When I really want to edit something quickly I upload my pictures on iPhone apps because they have the most perfect built in filters that cut down the editing process.  I like Afterlight and Instagram has fun filters.  

Lifehack learned from Helene.  If you are using Instagram but don't want to upload all your pictures, turn your phone into airplane mode.  When you go to "upload" it will fail but save to your camera roll.  That way your Instagram friends don't need to see every makeup selfie you've ever created if you catch  my drift.....

If You Want To Take The Pretty Pictures - DSLR Camera

Once again it really is a pain in the butt.  However look at the difference between the fancy camera and the iPhone.  

The iPhone is soooooo much easier (and a higher likelihood of someone agreeing to take your blog pictures) but you can't deny the beautiful pictures the big honking camera takes.  What that said you have to get a good lens.  This new lens has made all the difference.  I'm not saying go out and buy it right now but it is certainly something you may want to consider if you want to continue to grow your blog.  People like visually pretty pictures.  If that is not in your cards right now get good at taking iPhone pictures and work with those filters and apps.

If you really want to fancy it up...

I got a tripod and a light reflector thing.  When I have all the time in the world I use them but usually I don't have time for that. The light reflector hasn't made it out of the box yet but I have big plans for it......

A Handsome Assistant

Just kidding but eventually you are going to have to get none selfie pictures.  I really want to recruit a photography student from the local college but then you have to like schedule time with them blah blah blah.  Any local followers know of any newbie photographers?  Having a significant other or friend take your pictures is super helpful and time saving.  It took me 20 times to get a picture of my makeup photoshoot (it's hard to get makeup swatches on your hand right???) vs the two attempts it took Mark to do it.  

Here is my key to getting man help.  Make sure they are fed (thank you Pamela).....give them a reference time, (they don't do well when you spring upon them "right now you need to get up and take pictures of me for the blog").  Instead "Sunday around 6 when you are done with your fantasy draft and I've made you a snack......can we take some blog pictures????".  So far that has worked......

Last Note - Have Patience

A lot of things I've learned about blogging has been through trial and error.  I have watched a lot of youtube videos on photoshop and countless of hours shifting through pinterest.  When in doubt I ask some of my blogging friends what they do. Being humble and asking for help you will be surprised how awesome this community is when it comes to resources and ideas! Also your blog is always changing and growing.  When I look back at my beginning posts I internally cringe but in all fairness I haven't even hit my first year mark and I'm still learning every day!  

Alright there you have it!  Do you use any of these things for your blog?  What essentials do you use that you can't live without?  I hope you learned something and we can all share some of our secrets of the trades ;-)  Hope you're having a fabulous day!! xoxoxo

September 24, 2014

The Tale of the Laundry Detergent

You know how much I love telling y'all stories about the day to day stuff that makes you sometimes stop and look up at the ceilings and scream "Seriously am I on Candid Camera or something?"  This one is definitely one of those stories.

Let me begin by telling you I am a firm believer of never speaking ill of your significant other.  We all have our quirks....some more than others.....but at the end of the day you need to be their biggest advocate and supporter because in the end don't you want to be with someone who does the same for you?

With that said.  I love Mark.  I really do.  I mean this post still warms my heart but let's be honest.....men and women are two entirely different breeds right?  We clearly do not have the same thought process or the ability to find a measuring cup that is and has always been in the same spot above the stove since day one of cooking together.  So let me tell you a little story about laundry detergent.  I am glad I can laugh about this now.

Let me paint the stage.  Flashback to 6 months ago where Mark comes home proudly from Target with 6 bottles (oh yes 6) of laundry detergent that they were apparently "liquidating on clearance".  First example of how men and women are different. We see a sale and go "meh it's only 15% what else you got for me.  I'll keep an eye on it and if it goes to 50%.....I'll consider it because those dang things are heavy and I only came in for nail polish remover and now my hands are full with this lamp I found in the clearance aisle" but I digress.....

Now men see "sales" (I use that term loosely....see above) and they feel the need to buy at least 6 because it's a great deal and it must mean that they are discontinuing their favorite product.

Time to stock up.

Looking back I wish I would have said something then but at the time I'm sure I was buried in something blog/work/teaching/grading/barre related so I'm sure I mumbled something to the effect of "great sounds good babe" and continued on.

Mistake number 1.

Flash now to Labor Day where I had extensively researched our new front loaders, price compared and even found a coupon. We were getting that steam LG front loader set.  It was happening.  So after we got all the logistics figured out and were walking up to pay at the front of the store we walked past the detergent aisle.

Mistake number 2.

You know when you just have the complete word vomit moment where you can't even recall why you let the words slip out of your mouth......come on stupid brain catch these things.  I made the terrible mistake of saying.

"You know we need different laundry detergent for these machines right?  You have to use the He, high efficiency kind".

Chaos ensues.

Not really but it wasn't pretty.  Even to the point of the guy who sold it to us coming up and saying he "did a quick google search and it really doesn't matter about what detergent you buy".

Back off Harry Potter look a like but the Emo man child version.

It does.

Now we are standing in Lowe's pretty much in a standoff to which I proclaim "I'll take all 6 of the bottles back and exchange them for the He kind" (which I really didn't want to do but at the time you just say it to get out of the store right?).  To know which he proclaims "we will just use up what we have and then buy the washer machines when we run out".

Makes total rational sense right?

No.  No it doesn't.

To which I proclaimed something to the effect of we will probably be flying in our cars by the time that happens.  So we huff out of there after the decision to buy them because the Labor Day Sales were just that good to pass up.

I get home and look at that beloved detergent and wouldn't you know out of the 6 that were bought......4 of them were He already.  The correct kind for our new front loader washer and dryer.

This is where it gets good.

So naturally I paraded those bottles out in front of him (small moral victories) and proceeded to tell him I'd take the other two back.  I know this is a long winded one I promise I'm almost done.

Now next example of how men and women are different.  Women we would return those two bottles knowing there are 4 more at home....fist pump in enjoyment of our newly scored Target gift card and then go proceed to spend it all on shoes and makeup.....most likely owing something when we left.  Men would exchange it out for the other ones because that is just what you do.  Even though you have 4 already at home.

So I motored it to Target on my lunch break because I didn't want to even look at them anymore, naturally get stuck behind the girl who ordered her entire dorm room online to be delivered in store for pickup but that's a whole long story for another day.  I get my gift card (because naturally there is no receipt to speak of) and proceed to the detergent aisle to find this deal.

Buy 3 bottles of detergent, get a $10 Target gift card and a $10 mail in rebate.

Yup that's pretty much how I felt about the situation.

Y'all I almost didn't buy it out of sheer principle.  I was exchanging those two and getting out of there but it would have been more expensive in the long run to even do that.  So what did I do.......

I bought another damn bottle of laundry detergent and hauled all 3 of them through Target sans shopping cart because I can carry 2......one in each hand but 3 was an obstacle.

I pretty much hated myself as I loaded them into the trunk.

Here is the last final example of how men and women are different.  I came home expecting some praise for my savvy shopping and the fact I didn't trade them in for a pair of new boots.  To which I got this response "you didn't just trade them for the other bottles??"

"Well He detergent is more expensive you can't just equally swap them out....they aren't the same".

"They are both Tide detergent why can't you swap them out?  So actually you spent more doing that?".

Next time I'm just getting the booties.

Moral of the story.  If you want to come over and wash your clothes in our new beautiful front loaders with Tide sport He detergent that will pretty much last a lifetime.  Feel free.  Come on over bring the wine plus cheese & crackers.

End story.

Alright tell me I'm not the only one who has these life stories where it is very obvious that men and women are just wired differently?  You have to use the special detergent right?  Something about it not sudsing as much?  Hope you are having a fab week!  xoxoxo