December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites - 'Twas the Friday Before Christmas

Happy Friday.  Can you honestly believe Christmas is next week?  Not going to lie I have lived vicariously through y'alls blogs this month when it has come to Holiday spirit and decorations.  With moving this month I didn't get a chance to put out anything Christmas related and it does make me the tiniest bit sad.  However with all your amazing home tours and trees it has definitely helped!  Today I am off but naturally have the entire day filled with appointments and my other jobs.  I really need some time to find that comfy spot on the couch and polish off season 2 of Gilmore Girls.

Favorite Song

Literally cannot get enough of this song.  Tritonal Anchor.  Perfect for running.

Favorite Recipe

Now that the weather has finally cooled down made this!  It was so perfect for leftovers during the week as well!  Black bean and lentil chili full recipe here.

Favorite Workout

Good one you can do at home over the holidays.  Full print out here and video here.

Favorite Wish Was Under the Tree Present

A girl can dream right?  I mean they are totally on sale and available in my size! Also obsessed with these gorgeous wine colored booties.  They would look so perfect with my new houndstooth leggings back in stock and 50% snag them before they sell out again!!  Or these perfectly ripped black skinnies.

Favorite Funnies

This was 100% me at work yesterday.  I even got stopped on the way to the bathroom don't you know I drink a lot of water and coffee!

I'm sorry this is hilarious....and not 100% untrue

Nailed it

I just say I always keep it interesting....2 month countdown

My thoughts when shopping for bridesmaids dresses and the bridal boutique gal would tell me "and the girls can totally wear this dress again"

How I felt after ordering both pairs of lulu leggings from yesterdays post

The visions that run through my head whenever I see an email from Groupon with "pole dancing fitness" classes

When someone in real life tries to discuss Winter fashion trends to me

Talking with your girlfriends about how you scored that amazing purse half off because you had a coupon code, store credit and it was cyber monday

It's Friday dance it out

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Did you get all your holiday shopping done or are you frantically hitting up Amazon Prime right now?  Also a very important question.....what to pick for holiday manicure color?  Should I stay with the neutrals or go with a more sassy red?  Decisions decisions.  xoxoxo

Your turn tell me all your favorites from the week!  Also don't forget about my fabulous gwenyth barre top giveaway!

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December 18, 2014

My Favorite Barre Clothes + Gwenyth Top Giveaway!!

The weekend is almost here isn't it?  So yesterday I learned an important blogging lesson.....don't make your posts too large of files because then your feedburner won't send your post to Bloglovin and at noon you will wonder if you said something wrong because your inbox is like a ghost town.  I did learn a valuable lesson.  When you post daily it does lead to people to wondering where your daily post is and head to your blog to check it out.  That made me feel loved.  Also, bloglovin does drive in traffic to your specific post for the day.  So with that said check out my post from yesterday.  I think it was quite informative.  How to keep your weight in check over the holidays!

Okay enough housekeeping lets get into my favorite topic of the week......barre clothes.  I am pretty much in workout clothes on a daily basis.  So therefore I consider myself a connoisseur if you will.  In all seriousness I require clothes that can transition from barre, pumping gas on the way home and running to Publix while all feeling appropriate.

I am around a lot of amazing workout gear on a daily basis.  I have to constantly remind myself that I can't buy something every time I go and teach a class.   I wanted to highlight a few things that are on my radar right now.  Some are mid range and some are upper price points.  I will tell you this before you get totally gun-shy.  I have had my one pair of black Lululemon wunder unders for a sold 3 years now.  I have taught countless spin classes in them and now barre.  They are still perfect.  Every time I slip them on they feel like butter.  The $20-$30 workout pants from TJMaxx.....I mean they were great for some time but they just haven't held up.  They tend to lose their "suck in" ability if you will and always shrink in length.  I think every girl should have at least one really good pair of investment workout pants.

I also wanted to highlight one of my favorite new brands of workout tops.  The gwenyth brand is specific to Barre and their Modern Classic Top + Tunic has seriously been on major rotation for me right now.  Make sure you check out the whole post because there is a fabulous giveaway in it for you!

When it comes to Barre pants Lululemon has definitely been the top of my list.  Everyone likes to pull the pants down over their heels for that long dancer look (I use to even do that in my skating days....pull the tights over my boots but that is a whole different story).  However by doing that it really adds a lot of extra wear to the bottom of those pricey leggings. I have a few pair of Karma stirrup pants and they are my favorite.  Unfortunately they don't make them anymore.  When I saw these lulu pants I am officially obsessed. Stirrups, black with mesh inserts.  I need them immediately.

The Shine tight is back in stock.  I mean these could dual purpose for holiday gear right?  They totally look like sequined leggings!

Here are a few more pants that I have had my eye on!

Now onto the belle of the ball!  When it comes to tops I am very particular.  My number one priority is having built in bra support because lets be honest I can barely remember to stock my workout bag and when I do putting in a tank and bra.......usually one of them doesn't make it.  I can't tell you how many times I've gone to teach barre and I have a cool racerback.....sans bra.  Guess who gets to teach in her Victoria Secret push bra with hot pink straps hanging out.  I wish I was joking.

What I love about this tank is the built in sling bra.  It doesn't crush you down in the front like most compression built in tanks do but also gives really great support with the adjustable straps in the back.  The front has a really feminine and form flattering V pattern with slight scrunching to give a really pretty line.  

You can also cinch up the sides to make it as short or long (aka booty covering) as you want.  I like the long and lean look so I tend to wear mine a little longer.  I wore it the other night when I taught 3 classes in a row and I was sweating let me tell you but even in the lighter mocha shade it did not show any sweat.  I am totally in love and want them in every single color.  Check the anatomy of the Modern Classic.....they have seriously thought of everything!

I mean how gorgeous are these tanks?  Talk about bringing out your inner ballerina


This two minute video really gives the whole breakdown of the company and their philosophy.  They are centered around the dancer and barre fitness gal.  They aren't a running or spinning company trying to be a crossover.  Their main focus is making the best fitting tops and garments for the specific type of exercise that has become such a large part of my life.

Oh did I also forget to mention they just launched the most amazing adjustable headbands.  I am definitely scooping one of these up!

Their owner Michele is incredibly sweet and we pretty much have started up with weekly email conversations after she wanted my thoughts on how the top performs out in the studio.  I cannot give enough glowing reviews.  Also because she is fabulous she is offering 20% off between now and December 25th for all the Barre gals with the code meetatthebarre20.  Also if you get your order in before 12 PST on Friday you will get free shipping by Christmas!  They also always run free shipping because you know we don't play around with that.  I'm thinking of adding the Rose Berry Color and Vintage Teal to my collection.

Finally because they are so incredibly fabulous and want to spread the word of this amazing product gwenyth is offering the Meet @ the Barre readers a Modern Classic!  Which color would you pick if you won?

I also wanted to announce the giveaway of my one year Blog Anniversary was Kenzie!  I couldn't be more excited she has been following along since the early days!  Thanks for being such an amazing supporter of Meet @ the Barre!

What workout tops and pants have been on your radar lately?  I'm always down for hearing what has been on heavy rotation for you.  Make sure to link up tomorrow for Friday favorites!!!  xoxoxo

Disclaimer I did receive a complementary Modern Classic top for review.  However all opinions are completely my own.  Thank you for all your support of getting the word out on these truly amazing companies!

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December 17, 2014

How To Keep Your Weight in Check Over the Holidays

So I don't know if it was my genius idea or the fact that every Saturday at my venue was taken for two years but I decided to have my Wedding right after the holidays.  Therefore I have been hyper aware of keeping myself in check this holiday season and thought I would share some of my tried and true ways of not being surprised by the scale after the holidays.

Bring A Dish

Whether you are hosting or going to another dinner and you are asked to bring a dish, one way I try to stay healthy is to make one non calorie laden dish to share...that way if there are a lot of high calorie temptations you have a healthy go to option like this Baked Spaghetti Squash with Garlic or Cheesy Cauliflower better than Potatoes side.

I also do this for work luncheons or potlucks...try it next time bringing a salad with lots of fresh veggies on it, you will have a go to safe bet especially if you are not too sure where some of those questionable looking sides were prepared......

Try to Keep an Eye on the Alcohol Consumption

I don't know about you but too many glasses of wine leads to hitting up multiple trips to the dessert table because doesn't every dessert have to be tried??

Chug That Water

Helps to not overeating or mistaking hungry for thirst.  Also it is key to combating the salt in most of the dishes and aids with digestion.  Plus it will help with not accidentally over consuming the adults bevs.  


There are a lot of places open leading up to the holidays.  You know that feeling when you get in a workout before the big day starts!  If that's not an option make sure you get up and walk after dinner or try to squeeze in a quick at home workout...such as here and here.  I also installed the Human app. It tracks your daily walking and gives you encouragement when you haven't hit your daily 30 at least.

Or you can always resort back to my 7 days of at home workouts post!

Smaller plates

The bigger the plate the more you put on it to fill it (basically you fill to your plate).  I usually try to find the smaller dinner plate or even stick with the salad plate to start with.

Skip or Limit The Apps

Oh those brie bakes are the best right?  However appetizers are usually the worst when it comes to the calorie busters.  I usually stack my plates with the fresh veggies and one or two pieces of cheese and then here is the key point..... remove myself from the app table.  When you hang around there it is like the sorority lunchroom.....always eating and conversing with the next group of people swinging in. Before you know if you've consumed major calories and you wonder where that freshman 15 comes from.

Avoid leftovers 

If you are hosting, load up your guests as they leave or if you are attending politely decline or if the host is insistent try to take home some of the lighter options....because we all know that saying no to leftover pie in the morning with coffee takes will power!

My Number #1 Piece of Advice That I Need to Take Myself

Don't Get Duped Into All the Holiday Themed Goodies

I am immediately drawn as you are all well aware to everything peppermint themed.  The problem is they are usually very high in calories and fat.  I am officially done with all the peppermint temptations.  Declaring it's all about accountability right?

The last thing I will say.  Enjoy the day with your friends and family.  You can always get back on track the next day but just a few little thoughts to help during the season!

What is your go to advice about trying to not let things get out of control during the holidays?   Let me know I am open to all suggestions!!!  xoxoxo

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December 16, 2014

Things I'm Digging Lately - Holiday Sparkle Edition

I think I have decided what I dislike more than packing.  Finding places for those boxes and things to go.  Anyways I am almost done y'all aren't you proud of me?!?!  The last things to go are my clothes and that one lonely wine glass ;-)  Well that and the big furniture but that will be the last push when the moving truck comes.  Let's forget all about unpleasant things like packing and talk about what pretty things I'm digging lately shall we?

The Ultimate Holiday Ballet Flat

I mean how gorgeous are these Rose Gold Tieks?  Imagine with black tights a little black dress and a bold holiday lip color.  This would be the perfect touch of holiday glam especially for those parties where you aren't dressing to the nines but still want to feel festive.  I am so in love.  If a certain Santa doesn't snatch these up soon I will be because these will definitely sell out soon!  I also have my eye on this pair to add to this one and this pair that are pretty much worn every single day.

Rose Gold Tieks

This Statement Holiday Necklace

Now is the time to scoop up all your holiday sparkly bib necklaces from baublebar.  They are all seriously discounted like this one marked down to just $20.  It reminds me of the one I have been wearing on major repeat.  Also digging this gorgeous one for $30 or this pop of color for $15.  This rose gold ring stack is definitely in my shopping cart.

These Fabulous Holiday Shoes

Aren't they beautiful?  Plus they are on sale!  Also eyeing these thin strappy Steve Madden ones and major lusting over these Jimmy Choos on sale!  Also think these Gladiator sandals would be amazing for holiday parties.  Finally this last pair is so gorgeous.  I think I need to make a whole post on holiday shoes!

Sam Edelman Gold Heel Accent (totally on sale!)

The Sparkle & Neutral Watch

Once you are done with your sparkly band you can switch it over the the perfect neutral camel strap. Totally on sale.

The Best LBD

I have seriously been wearing my little black dress on repeat and this one is super affordable and form flattering.  Also if you are looking for a sparkly number this one is fabulous or this one with longer sleeves.

Gorgeous Way to Display Jewelry

I know it's not practical and I would probably curse myself every morning when running out the door but aren't these just fabulous?!?

Cold Weather Accessories 

I need as many of these as I can for when we go up north.  Nothing worse than having to take your gloves off to use your phone to find directions.  With these that is not a problem.  

This Fabulous Poncho & Scarves

Target is running 30% off all their cold weather clothing, shoes and accessories.  If you missed the Toms poncho......I think this one is absolutely gorgeous.  Also loving this plaid/skull infinity scarf.  This one looks totally like a Kate Spade scarf for a fraction of the price.  Last can't resist an oversized leopard gem.

Botox like Cream in a Jar

I got a very generous sample of this from Sephora and I think I may cave and buy the bottle.  I have some fine lines in my forehead starting from scrunching my forehead when I put mascara on.  I put this serum on and no joke in the morning they were gone.  It apparently has snail venom in it.......I don't know all about that but I can tell you it works.  I also am obsessed with the unwrinkle peel pads.  I think I will actually get this kit.  Talk about an amazing value plus it has the unwrinkle lip cream I talked about prior.

There are some of the things I'm digging lately!!  Two other sales worth mentioning.

Ulta is 20% site wide .  Now is the time to scoop up the Naked Basics Palette or the NYX concealer that is one of my favs.

LOFT is 50% sweaters, scarves and jewelry.  Grab this fabulous leopard shirt that is a total Joie dupe that Lindsay mentioned yesterday about.

What is on your radar right now?  Check back tomorrow as I talk about ways to keep your weight in check over the holidays!  xoxoxo

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December 15, 2014

Weekending + 2 month Countdown

Welcome back Monday.  Not going to lie I could have had one more day.  This weekend went by in a complete blur.  It literally felt like I was just leaving work on Friday and now I'm settling in tonight to recap.  I got so much accomplished which is probably why it flew by!  Linking up with Biana and Meghan.

I started off my weekend with this email.  Finally done with all my grad school loans.  Such an amazing feeling.

Second.  I have been loving all these "cold" weather outfits (I use the word loosely down in FL).

Third.  Publix peeps guess what is BOGO??

Friday night we went to our local sushi place.  I honestly could eat this every night.

We bring our own hot sauce.  This is my favorite over Sriracha.  Sambal I highly recommend it!  I met Mark there and he texted me a reminder to bring it I was like this handled already.

Saturday my mother came up and we went to my first alteration/fitting appointment.  In all honesty I didn't have all my parts so I felt like it was kind of a bust but my mother was very happy with the seamstress (aka Martha was very happy) so then I was on a mission this weekend to finalize the rest of the Wedding details.  This included my shoes and the appropriate saran wrap undergarment.  Check and check.  Oh my shoes are amazing I can't wait for y'all to see them!  They make me all giddy just thinking about them!

My mother came bearing gifts (kindly ignore the moving mess and half deflated bridal balloon).

Then I single handily moved a large glass cabinet.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I cracked up to my mother as we hauled it into her SUV and exclaimed "I mean honestly how big my condo complex is and not one guy happened to walk by!!"  It's all good Barre has given me some serious upper body strength right?

After she so graciously was loaded down with furniture from my condo it was ready for some holiday parties.  Next time just tell me to stick to non alcoholic beverages.  Multiple red wines from unknown sources didn't start my Sunday out so great.

Necklace sold out similar here and here | Black Boots

Proved that this braid was not a fluke.  Such a pretty holiday style!

Sunday was spent packing and more packing.  I like my system.  Seriously how cute are these little notes from the Target dollar bin?!?!?

It is all getting very real y'all.  Once I finally cold turkey shut off Netflix (aka gilmore girls) and got to work I got a ton accomplished.  My condo is starting to sound very echoey......

Finally if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this already.  Look at this little gem I found while packing.  Seriously look at how far we have come.  That was my phone in Grad school.  I loved that phone.  I really wished it turned on.....I'm sure there were some doozie texts in there that took a million years to write when you had to press each key 4 times for one letter.

How was your weekend?  Did you have a million  holiday parties?  Isn't it so fun to bust out the holiday sparkle?!  Check back tomorrow for my things I'm Digging lately!  xoxoxo
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