July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites - How Is July Almost Over?

Happy Friday.  Seriously how is July almost over?  When August hits I will be at a 6 month countdown till the big day say whaaaat?? What are your plans this weekend?  I am going to more training for Barre which is exciting!  Going to come back with even more fun ways to make those legs burn.  Let's get right into it!

Favorite Song

You know I how feel about those strong beat running and spin songs that have the power sprints in the middle.  3LAU "How You Love Me".  Plus the chick kinda scares me at the end.

Favorite Recipe

I made this with shrimp instead of tofu and it was a man approved salad.  Delicious Thai Chopped Peanut Salad with Crispy Tofu full recipe here.

Favorite Workout

I love lower body workouts especially booty ones like this burner.

Favorite BuzzFeed Article

Is it sad I pretty much knew every single one of these?

I feel yah Michel.....every day of my life

Favorite Funnies

I mean.....the story of my Facebook feed

I feel like saying this multiple times a day

I mean is butter a carb?

Straight truth or in my case how I play against my niece and nephew all the time.  They have to learn there are winners and losers right?

How I feel inside when I say the exact same thing at the exact same time as Mark.....especially if it was witty or I just nailed that inside joke perfectly

My first reaction when I'm trying to be really good and someone at work offers up birthday cake....with cream cheese frosting.


How I feel when I wash my hair after a few days of dry shampooing it and then I feel like proclaiming this to the world.....or to Mark

We finally finished OITNB so when does the next season come out??  Now it's your turn to tell me all your favorites!  Make sure to check out everyone who links up and my sponsor Mree who has amazing style and fashion sense!  Oh and check back on Monday I hosting a giveaway with some fabulous ladies that I promise you don't want to miss it!  xoxoxo

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July 24, 2014

Easy DIY Bridesmaid Gifts - Help Me Tie the Knot

Shifting the focus to some Wedding related fun.  Y'all let me know how much Wedding deets you want to hear.  I try not to make it the main focus but it is slowly creeping up that is for sure!

I wanted to come up with a sweet way of asking my girlfriends (and sister!) if they would honor me in standing by my side for my wedding.  I was perusing through Baublebar one day and these knot necklaces caught me eye and like all things creative with me away I went with my vision.

Alright let me start by telling everyone I am not a crafty person, like at all.  I have really good vision but sometimes my execution falls a little short.  Like I would probably hot glue my hands together.  My poor little in my sorority all those big little gifts.....I told her can't I just take her out or buy her a cute outfit instead?  Her paddle actually came out astonishing well (probably because my big took over and assigned me to making snacks and refilling the wine).

Here is my super easy DIY tutorial.
I had an idea that I really wanted to do after I saw these necklaces.

I wanted to formally ask my girls and I wanted to use these necklaces to do it.  I was going to ask them to help me "tie the knot" <-- see what I did there?  The necklaces are in a knot.  I have one of these and I seriously wear it on repeat.  The rose gold ones particularly caught my eye.  They kept on selling out but finally I was able to order enough.

The next thing I did was find thick 5 by 7inch stock card.  You know my struggles with Michaels employees so I ordered it off Etsy.
I got the stock card so I could write some cute sayings on it.  

I did each line on photoshop so I could move each line around and use different fonts.  I then printed each one individually on the stock card.  Cut a tiny hole (actually pierced it with a knife because I couldn't find a hold puncher) at the top of the card and with tweezers pulled the ribbon through tying it in a bow.  I wrapped each necklace and tied it with the ribbon (I ran out at the end shhhhhh that  is why some are knotted and some are bows).
I'm not going to lie y'all I was a little nervous asking them.  I feel like so many people are "wedding out".  With all the expectations of Pinterest and blogs etc.  However, everyone of my girls were so genuinely excited and thanked me for asking them.  I can't wait to have these fabulous girls by my side! 
Alright what do y'all think?  Would you say yes with my sweet gift?  I told you it was super easy!  No hot glue guns just some ribbon, stock card, printer and some major patience!  All these images can be pinned for future use.....just saying ;-)  xoxoxo

July 23, 2014

Confessions- Oh Look She's Complaining About Traffic Again

These are some of my favorite posts even though I feel like half the time they turn into rants so I appreciate you listening to my stark raving mad confessions.  I confess half of these posts come to be while I'm driving in the car and I talk to text my thoughts which are random enough but Siri interpretation is 10 times more funny and nonsensical.  With that said the first five are related to driving and traffic since I spend a great deal of time in my car.  Hang with me this one is kinda random.....just warning you.

Vodka and Soda

I confess I get irrationally angry when people try to cut in front of four lanes of solid traffic.  Here's a thought drive down to the next LIGHT and TAKE A LEFT at the appropriate cross section.  Here let me give you a visual (you know how I like them).

I get even more agitated when that car has no butt.  You know what I'm talking about?  Cars should have butts.

Or when that car is a minivan.  I swear I have almost been run off the road on multiple occasions from crazed minivan drivers who are probably driving with their knee and trying to separate two screaming kids in the back seat.  Talk about distracted driving.  My car dancing pales in comparison.

Moving on....... I confess I took a Barre class the other day and during a really difficult move I may have ummmm propped myself up to help out a teeny bit at the exact same time one of the instructors called out "If you need a great example to watch you can look at Amanda's form.....errrrr she is doing a modification if you need to do that".  Yup I was totally busted.

I confess I was walking in the hallway of my condo back from teaching two classes.  I was looking all kinds of a hot mess, carrying my computer, purse, water bottle, lunch bag and other various random stuff from my car when some brosif in a cut off tshirt looked at me and said "good evening pretty girl".  Excuse me?

That is a great visual of my current state of affairs I don't know who he was calling pretty or the fact it actually aggravated me.  Clearly something is wrong with me.

I confess if you saw my laundry room you would cringe.  I have no storage in my condo so my laundry room has become my a jigsaw jenga game.  Every time I need to do laundry some piece needs to get moved and occasionally the whole thing comes crashing down.  Go home and kiss your pantry and cabinets for me.  I'll be busy taking my pots out of oven when I need to cook.

Finally, I confess every time I go and get ice cream from my kitchen and come back to sit on the couch with Mark I do a little jig....it looks a little like this

Mark did it tonight half making fun of half not and it seriously warmed my heart......the little things.

Alright there you have it the conclusion to my most random post ever.  I'm off to go and read all your dirt!  What weird little things do you do??? Spill!  xoxoxoxo

July 22, 2014

Wait I Missed Monday Didn't I?

Alright I know I know.  I can't even talk to my mother without hearing "no blog post this morning?".  Blogland has been all sorts of tumbleweeds lately and Sunday night I just had no creativeness left in me but I figured I mean everyone has been MIA then I checked yesterday and y'all really got your act together and clearly......I didn't.  So anyways let's do a mashup of some weekend fun and some things I'm digging because I like consistency.

Friday night we hit up the local Thai place by Marks house that does a pretty epic happy hour 1/2 off sushi and appetizers plus some ridiculous all you can drink premium liquor and beer for I want to say like $18 or something college town related like that. We always liked the Thai there and were pretty eh about the sushi.  Now they have some guys making the sushi who actually fit the part instead of some random folk if you catch my drift and the sushi has really stepped up.  For the local peeps its called The Grand Siam.  Actually our favorite waiter from Sushi Alive who is Thai said that Grand Siam is the only local place he will eat.  I have to agree the Thai food is delicious.  Plus I really love BOGO drinks just like my BOGO deals at Publix.  In my mind it's a just right pour when combined.

Saturday I woke up with no alarm (the little things) and made it to my happy place aka getting a Barre class in.  Then we ventured down south to check out some potential rehearsal dinner spots.  Mark really wanted on the water and going off one of the recommendations from my fellow Barre girls (thanks again so much Jillian!) I think we found the most perfect place.  This day was so crazy I didn't even get a chance to vote my daily emails into our engagement story contest.  Which I am kicking myself because we were on the heels of the "flash mob" (don't even get me started on my thoughts on this) who are in second but luckily we are still are in third. Anyways it has an amazing patio which the view is right behind me.  I just love anything to do with on the water dining.
Dress old similar here///here///love this short one///Sandals old similar here///Sunglasses here (Anniversary sale pricing!)

Side note, it has been a really conscious effort this Summer not to lay out in the sun.  I'm really trying to take care of my skin and we all know those older people what they look like when they clearly don't.  First of all I don't have a ton of time to lay out and sweat to death in 98 degree heat, then have to shower and start my day all over.  Second....it has been so oppressively hot here lately even walking to my car puts me in mood.  So I have been slathering on this for my body and this for my face and pledging my 30's to taking care of this skin of mine.  Has anyone else been doing the same this Summer (staying out of the sun) or am I crazy pants again?

Check this place at night isn't it amazing?

Sunday was spent catching up on some sleep, eating burgers, apparently not blogging and playing around with this bad boy.  Oh yes.  It is a coffee machine and Nespresso.  Williams and Sonoma had a sale plus I had store credit hello new obsession.

Would you believe me if I told you I took my Keurig back to Costco sans box and everything.  Mark was hating on me the whole way saying they would never take it back.  I mean I did like it but that thing needed to be primed like every week and I was never really pumped about it's longevity.  They didn't even bat an eyelash once again confirming that my 3 best places for customer service are Costco, Trader Joe's and Sephora.

Oh I did do some blogging aka playing around with makeup like this Marc Jacobs eyeliner in Plummage No 60 that I cannot get enough of.  The color is amazing and literally is budge proof.  It's a deep purple with tiny micro glitter flecks.  I swatched it on, ran my fingers straight through it.  Then hit it with water and tried to smudge it.....didn't move.  Then used hand soap to get it off......it laughed.  Then finally used my Sephora eye makeup remover and it came off.  This is a total winner.  I seriously want the liner in every single color as well as the liquid liner which is budge proof.  That is definitely going on my list next time.

I paired the liner with my new purple mascara which really looks like a softer black in regular lighting but with sunlight hitting it you can see the pretty purple accent.  I actually really dig the mascara as well even though I am a self proclaimed mascara snob this one was very surprising.
UPDATE.  This mascara is a beast to find.  However,  I ventured into Walmart......( hate to admit it because my Walmart and I do not have a good track record).  Anyways, I was lured in by their significantly cheaper price on my now borderline obsessed Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure line.  Not only did they have like 100 colors but they were like 3 bucks cheaper than my CVS. They had plenty of these mascaras in the purple and blue.  I picked up the mascara in blue and four two more polishes....self checkout later and I was in my car before I could get aggressive with any slow walkers or people stopping short in front of me.

It is incredibly hard to take mascara pics of yourself and it doesn't do it justice but here is the mascara and liner together.  The mascara really does pick up the soft purple tints in the sunlight without being too over the top.  I highly recommend it especially for that less than 6 bucks price tag at Walmart.

Sunday was followed up with some OITNB and to bed early.  I have some serious deliveries on their way to me including the Zella leggings in long and mesh inserts which I am still surprised they have sizes available.  I am tempted to get another pair of the long ones for that price.  Oh and perhaps this as well....I mean the Rebecca Minkoff in this color was just too perfect for the Fall to say no to!  Those are just a few of the goodies en route.  What did you pick up from the Nordstrom sale?

It feels good to be back I hope y'all are having a good start to your week!  xoxoxo

July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2014 Is Now Live!

Happy Friday.  The day has finally arrived!  The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is live and we finally made it through this week!  What are you up to this weekend?  I think we may actually take the time to do some wedding stuff I know gasp right?  Checking some potential spots for the Rehearsal dinner.  Let's get right into it!

Favorite Song

I am so obsessed with this song.  Major car dancing.  I am sure it has some street slang meaning that all the cool kids are down with.  I was afraid to urban dictionary it but the beat is just too good.  If I could still dance in 4 inch heels (oh the good old days) I'm sure I would have been busting a move to this in da club (yeah I said it). "Dirty Shirley" by Pharaoh Belafonte.

Favorite Recipe

As promised the recipe for the NOLA BBQ shrimp.  It calls for quite a bit of butter I used the one that has yogurt in it for me it helped soften the initial shock when I read the instructions.  Heavy handed with the creole seasoning.  Got 2 lbs of frozen wild caught shrimp from Traders Joe's (sheesh has shrimp always been that expensive?).  We did not cover and chill for 2 hours because honestly who has time for that?  Served it over Jasmine rice with cuban bread (not for the faint of heart this one).

Favorite Workout

After that you better believe I have a good workout for you!  I like this one a lot!  Quick and to the point.  Also the main girl's voice isn't overly peppy so I don't think evil thoughts about her the whole time.

 Favorite Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now live!  You can check my full preview here.  Here are my top picks these Zella leggings in long and with the mesh insert.  These Kendra Scott earrings and necklace.  I guarantee these pumps are going to sell out immediately.  Good staple flat riding boot and ankle booties.  Time to finally get that Clarisonic and treat yourself to those Nest and Volupsa candles.  This turquoise face Michael Kors watch and Rebecca Minkoff purse.  Finally I got these and they are amazing Tieks dupes at a fraction of the price, unbelievably comfortable and the two tone goes with everything!

Favorite Funnies

Seriously though...how long?


Story of my life when it comes to dancing

Let's all be honest I know I feel like I look like this when I dance

But in reality it's pretty much this...aka the white girl shoulder shimmy

How I feel when I get those "gentle reminder" emails about wedding deposits

Finally pretty much how I see my life heading towards when Mark and I combine households and when I say households I mean bathrooms

Okay now it is your turn tell me your favorites!  peep my sponsor Steph because she's amazing!  xoxoxo

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July 17, 2014

Next "Roll Out" of The Engagement Pictures

Seriously y'all I can't even begin to tell you how giddy I get by looking at these bad boys.  It was such a cool experience being up on the campus that we both went to and have such fond memories at.  We had a one year overlap when Mark was in Law school there and I was a freshman......yes we clearly had different experiences there you know since he like went to college in the 90's but that is a whole different story ;-)

This is on the main campus with the Century Tower and University Auditorium 

Since you know what a planner I am I researched when the students were off for Summer break and sweet it was the end of June......in Gainesville.....aka the Swamp in the dead middle of Summer.  So Julie sent some of her cool Michigan air down our way and thankfully it was in the low 70's when we started bright and early.  The night before we got into town we just drove around reminiscing about the places we use to hang at and gawking at all the new things that went up "oh they have a Trader Joe's now what????"  Then went to our favorite sushi place....hold the soy sauce for me....salt and I aren't friends when it comes to pictures, cue Mark thinking I'm crazy but that's all par for the course right?
Dragonfly Sushi

We checked into our hotel and talk about the cutest thing ever.  You know you are in Gator country when your turn down chocolates are these.

We tried to scam getting a few more but even Mark who can charm just about anyone failed.  Wouldn't these be the cutest favors for a party?

It was so special being able to have the campus to ourselves and my amazing photographer Dustin who walked miles around it with us so we could hit all our favorite landmarks.  I seriously have like 100 favorite pictures.  So here is the next "roll out" if you will.  We still have 7 months eek! So we need to keep a few things secret right?  Okay let's get into it.  Sorry for the photo dump.
Okay you ready for the "serious face" picture.  Mark nailed it....of course.  My photographer actually said to me "I mean seriously does he have a bad side?"

I was pretty happy I usually look like I'm about to Tanya Harding someone's knees out when I attempt any sort of serious look but this one seriously I crack up every time I see it.  I kinda dig it and laugh all at the same time.  What do you think?

Nothing like snuggling up close to someone when you are sweating in the Florida Summer.

Costume change!  I'm not even going to tell you where that happened....all I can say is thank goodness I did sports and can change on the way to something.

No big deal totally got engaged on January 14th....how about that prime location figured out after the fact?

A few more before I run over my allotted amount for this one!

Shout out to this post about how to sweat proof your makeup it really stood up with all those primers and setting sprays.  Even the last pictures of the day my makeup and red lip stain was holding strong with no transfer to Mark.

Finally this is my little I'll love y'all forever moment.  I entered our engagement story into a contest because let's be honest every little bit helps am I right?  If you could take a quick second to vote I would be so appreciative!  You can vote by clicking here either through your Facebook account or your email on the site.  If you use your email you have to confirm it once through your email.  I promise you they do not send you any spam.  I know this because I have registered all four of my emails.  Also since y'all have so much time on your hands you can vote daily.  Yes daily.  The contest is live for another two weeks then I promise I'll leave you alone.  Thanks to all of you who have voted before and are going to do it again today.....and tomorrow ;-)

Alright so what do y'all think?  I have so many more but I don't want to bombard you with all of them at once.  Once again shout out to my fabulous photographer at Sunglow Photography.  Thank you for all your beautiful work and patience Dustin!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the Friday Favorites and the Nordstrom sale which goes live tomorrow!  xoxoxoxo