November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites - Holidays Are Here

Happy Friday!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! Then it will be the December Holidays, New Years and then the Wedding!! It is seriously going to be here before I know it.  In the meantime I will be packing boxing and giving away all my former going out teeny tiny dresses.  This weekend I will be packing and trying to get ahead for next week.  Let's get right into these favorites!

Favorite Song

I am so obsessed with this song.  Such an uplifting building beat that drops at the 1 minute mark.  Great for pace running with interval sprinting.  Disco Fries ft Niko the Kid - The Kid

Favorite Recipe

I mean you can't go wrong with anything made with goat cheese right?  One pot roasted red pepper and sausage alfredo full recipe here.

Favorite Workout

Plank jacks get me every single time.

Favorite Purchase

My crochet brooch headband is finally online at Nordstrom seen in this post.  It is seriously the warmest thing ever and I seriously get so many compliments when worn.  It is so dang adorable.

Favorite Funnies

What happens now whenever I meet my friends "out for drinks".

Hahahahahah back in the day......the struggle was real

Straight truth

I'm not really a bath person but could be for this reason

When I've talked with various Wedding vendors and they start talking about if white carriages or doves being released are part of my "vision".

How I feel when I nail an inside joke perfectly with a friend or Mark

How I feel when I tell Mark I use to live in a big city and "I got this".

My incessant need to always tuck in peoples tags.....even to complete strangers

Finally....why I should never do cooking recipes that involve machinery.....

Alright now it's your turn tell me your favorites and make sure to stop by all the peeps that link up and also to tell me what your plans are this weekend!  xoxoxo
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November 20, 2014

DIY - How To Make a Unique Holiday Gift Basket

When Mark and I first started dating and had to iron out the holidays he told me Thanksgiving was one of his favorites.  That was perfect for me because I could take it or leave it.  I'm more of a Christmas kind of gal.  So the holidays have been decided and so far it's worked out great!  The first year I went to his parents I was nervous.....what present to bring?  I wanted to make sure I included something that both of his parents would enjoy then my little brainchild was born.

I picked up some fun things....fudge, pumpkin salsa, pretty candle, note cards, chocolate, wine etc.....

Arranged them.

Get this bag.  I stole it from my mother but she said you can also get them from Michaels.

Then place inside this sweet bag and use a hairdryer and watch the magic happen.

Fasten with a twist tie and add one of these sweet printable tags.

It went over fabulously and now it has become tradition!

What do y'all think?  I really love all the thought that goes into specialized baskets like this instead of buying one from Homegoods.  Let me know if you end up making one I really look forward to making this every year!

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November 19, 2014

Spreading Positivity Through Blog Land - It's Your Turn!

Last week I posted about how we all need to start thinking of ourselves in a positive way and not be so quick to jump to the negatives.  I noticed that a few of you took my questions and expanded it into your own post like how Kerri did here.  I read it at the time and honestly was so proud.  I think I'm getting a little sappy as the Wedding is approaching but it was just such a great feeling to see that positive vibe being spread throughout blog land.

So I was thinking if anyone is looking to continue this positive vibe I made a button for y'all to answer the questions I presented in my prior post.  All you need to do is grab that html code under the button then drop the code under your html section instead of your compose section (for blogger users).  Any questions please feel free!!

Meet @ the Barre

Here are my four questions to you.

1. Tell me something that you love about yourself

2.  Tell me what you want to work on

3.  Give someone a compliment and mean it

4.  Tell me something that you are proud of, succeeded in or are just generally pumped about.

Here is the link to my responses to these.  Feel free to expand on them if you want to or add your own question or spin on this!  Don't forget to give me a heads up when you post.  I plan on putting all them together for a big linkup post!  xoxoxoxo


Anyone interested in how to make a pretty button like that?  I'll definitely share if y'all are interested no sense in you staying up till 2 in the morning trying to get it right like I did hahahahaha I'll share the knowledge!

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November 18, 2014

Latest Online Shopping Haul + Different Ways To Style Each Piece

I have been really good y'all with online shopping but then why did it have to get cold here, all the sales are incredibly good and I'm moving so therefore I am overhauling my closet and replacing a lot of staples that have run their course.  If you haven't guessed by now but I love pairing high end pieces with affordable trendy pieces......that way the entire outfit looks put together but I'm not breaking the bank.  This past all started with the Loft sale and went downhill.  I have some app on my phone that alerts me when packages are out for delivery (that's not even with the scrolling down I needed to do).

The first one to arrive was my Forever 21 delivery as I highlighted in this post.  I really wanted to keep everything but I think I was being a little over zealous with all the warm weather buys because it was back into like the 70's again today.  I apologize in advance for all the mirror selfies.....I was without a willing photographer tonight.

First off this dress.

I was a little nervous on arrival because it looked pretty little, luckily it has a lot of stretch to it.  It's not too short and I really like the color of it, it's a little deeper in real life.  I could totally see it for office holiday parties.  I got a size small but the medium probably would have worked as well.

Heels old but similar here

If you need to make it cold weather appropriate add some black tights, booties and a cute crop jacket over the top (I apologize for the dark pictures I was taking these after work and you know it gets dark at like 5 now).  It you want to go a little crazy you could add a black faux fur vest over it like this one.

Remember that statement pullover in this post?  It's pretty adorable.  I don't think I could get away with it at work but on the weekends it is perfect.  It has just the right amount of drape and it's just loose enough.  I got a small for reference point and there is still some room.

Sweater | Jeans (obsessed perfect amount of stretch!)| Gold Zipper Boots

You can layer up your thick Zara scarf with it (kinda looks like a neck brace but didn't want to cover up the writing hahahaha).

Or if you want to get all Blogger girl looking and totally rock it....add the Herringbone vest over the top of it.

I also got a bunch of basic layering tops, for some reason I can only find one black one right now and it's basically grey from all the washes.  I bought them in medium, probably could have gotten a small but I didn't want them to be skin tight.  I love this dusty lavender color, layered with this scarf and my crossbody purse.  Perfect for running around and looking somewhat put together and not in workout clothes.

Scarf (super affordable and lays perfectly!) | Purse Mini Mac Taupe

Next off.....things I'm on the fence about and things that I wanted to love but at going back

I like the shape, neckline and lay of this sweater plus it's long enough to cover the booty so you can wear it with leggings and boots.  I was going to take it back because I really don't need I was sweating just taking these pictures inside my condo but for cold weather peeps it would keep you warm.  I also didn't love the initial smell out of the bag.....I'm letting it air outside on my balcony I'll keep you updated.  It was on sale (aka final sale) when I bought it soooooo guess who is sticking around.

Sweater | Grey Boots (amazing!!)

Things that are going back

I really wanted to love this sweater.  I thought it would be great for work.  I like that it has a very nice heavy drape to it but I honestly think it's too much for FL and I wouldn't get enough use out of it plus it was on the higher end for F21 (like almost $30) so it's going back.  It looked cute under a black blazer but I don't need it.

Last the fun piece of the haul.  I secretly want to keep this sequined shrug but sadly it's going back.  I just know I won't wear it but it's so fun isn't it?  I mean you can literally put it over anything and you instantly have a holiday outfit plus it's such a fun blush color!  Please someone buy it and wear it out into New York or something.  This sequined number needs an outing!  

It's already sold out dang that was fast but here are a few other sequined pieces I have my eye on!

Also did you have a chance to get the pieces you wanted from the Toms and Target Collaboration?!  The grey poncho went like immediately!  I found two great similar options that are right around the same price range.  If you need any help with styling them check this post I did on that previously.

                                                                Grey Poncho                                        Southwestern Poncho

Last thing I'm Digging.  You know those coordinates pieces that are all the rage?  Well I found totally affordable options!

All the pretty things rounded up from this post!

Alright there is my first round of things that have been delivered.  I have some great staple pieces from the Loft Sale, the Target and Toms Collaboration and a few other goodies on the way.  What things have you gotten during the sales this month?  Are there pieces that you love but you return because you know you won't wear them?

Check back tomorrow I have a fun post that I hope really catches on!  xoxoxo

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November 17, 2014

Weekend Update - It's Peppermint Ice Cream Time!

Welcome back Monday.  I actually don't mind you as much as I usually do this particular week mainly because I spent all Saturday thinking it was Sunday so basically Sunday felt like another free day.  I know.  I'm bizarre.  Seriously though I got to sleep with no alarm besides the internal one a certain somebody seems to have......I went to Barre both mornings and got some amazing shaking legs workouts in.  I got all my thank you cards done.  I mean shoot we even meal prepped and planned for the weekend. Making moves over here.  Linking up with Meghan and Biana for their weekend updates!

So my landlord was wondering when I was planning to move out of my and everyone else.  I made my official move out date of January 1st.  Cue the anxious butterflies.  As I say to Mark the end game of all of this is us living with each other.  I guess Dan Marino.....(not the actual MVP Superbowl Champion) but his framed jersey is going to take up residence behind someone else's couch pretty soon.  Not a moment too soon in my book.  I'll take all advice about combing households that don't involve me saying "because it looks terrible like that" because that isn't the most constructive way of getting things done.  Anyways........

I started off my weekend with getting a fabulous surprise in the mail!  My little sent me this Roman Numeral necklace that I have been eyeing.  She told me that she wished the Weddings she had been in prior that the bride had a blog with posts like made picking out gifts very easy!  Isn't is perfect?

Friday night Mark wanted to "get dressed up and go out to eat".  His words not mine.  I would say I wouldn't believe it either but I have text evidence.  I'll always jump at the chance to get prettied up.  We went to our favorite spot Bern's steakhouse.  Not for the very expensive steak dinner but to sit at the bar and get burgers, steak sandwiches and drink the house wine.  Perfect meal and totally within budget.

Saturday I was up to take Barre and then starting to get my condo in order.  I have already given the first load of clothes out of my closet to some of my girlfriends.  I definitely need a round two and three.  Homegirl has a lot of clothing.  I really want to start editing down my pieces to the really good quality and versatile ones.  I need to start making some room.  I put together this outfit for the Gator watch them throw it away but I can't even discuss.

Toms Booties on repeat | Scarf old similar here

Y'all know my love for Sally Hansen Complete Salon.  Picked up this dark navy color.  It's a little harder to put on than the lighter colors.....because you know dark is like impossible to put on but the brush design on it makes it a lot easier.

Sunday was spent with Barre in the morning, trip to Trader Joe's and making this amazing crockpot.  Mark is not a chicken fan but he was all over this.  One packet of ranch dry seasoning with a heavy handed pour of Franks Red Hot.  Put in the crockpot on low, then after 5-6 hours shred with a fork and let cook for up to another hour.  We put it in fajitas and had shredded spicy chicken fajitas night.  Plus leftovers for lunch total win win.  I thought it was a tiny bit too salty, I would probably add some low sodium chicken broth and a little less Red Hot.

Local peeps guess what is BOGO at Publix?!?!?  This is definitely one of my top store bought Peppermint Ice Creams.  Don't get the slow churned version it tastes like chemicals.

Check back tomorrow for some of the things I'm Digging!  Preview absolutely loving this layered delicate look with my Wedding date necklace!

Hope you have a great start to your week!  xoxoxoxo