February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites - The Newlyweds One

Can you believe at exactly this time last week I was sipping champagne and getting ready to walk down the stairs aisle?  This week has been a little bit of a downer back to reality but I have had so much fun recollecting with everyone from the Wedding.  What was their favorite part.  How truly spectacular the sunset was.  The dance party that ensued....my ridiculously good looking photographer that every single female in attendance was swooning over.....you know all the good parts ;-)  This weekend I'm going to really relax, start on those thank you cards and get some posts together highlighting all the fun leading up to the day!

I wanted to thank everyone for their beautiful and thoughtful shout outs last week!  It meant so much and I swear I really felt everyones support and love for me on our big day!

(Here I am chowing cake......what I do best)

Now for those favorites!

Favorite Song

I just absolutely love how chill and trance this song is but then that beat kicks in.  Definitely had this on during our dinner reception.  I was going for a laid back vibe.  Kygo "Firestone" ft Conrad.

Favorite Recipe

We have been on a short rib kick.  Grab them from Costco and throw them in the crockpot.  Anything with an asian influence I am all over.  These were so good over rice with stir fry veggies.  Slow Cooker Asian Beef Short Ribs  full recipe here.

Favorite Workout

I am all about the lower body workouts and bosu ball workouts are so killer!  This one is no exception.

Favorite Purchase

Yes I went back to teaching barre right away after the wedding.  I walked into a new shipment of lululemon and immediately fell in love with this wild tank top.  I love the built in bra support and the open flow front and sides.  Paige as always you were right on this one!

Favorite Funnies

When I went back to work this week after the Wedding

I hate pushing carts but sometimes that basket gets heavy....very quickly.....especially at Trader Joe's

Couldn't have said it better myself

My bridesmaids when I made it down those stairs without even the tiniest stumble

When we got back from the Wedding and I would notice Mark's hand with the ring on it....poor guy

When we were invited inside to sit down to dinner.....in my defense I was being pretty strict leading up to the day

After my post on Wednesday.....just replace Naomi with Amanda.....that's right Tyra

How I feel about this week finally being over!!

Happy Friday!!!  Tell me your favorites from this week!!!  xoxoxoxo

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February 25, 2015

How Tyra Banks Almost Ruined My Wedding

Sorry for sounding so dramatic with the title but at this exact time last week this is pretty much how I felt.  See the problem leading up to the week of the wedding everything had gone pretty seamless.  I had gotten my venue, photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ etc etc with no difficulties.  Everything was going as according to plan as I was packing and trying to lay out every outfit down to the shoes and necklace that would go accordingly to it.......

First I got a text from my DJ to call him.

No worries I thought to myself he was trying to hammer down those last few minute details.

Then he called me.  I immediately didn't like the tone of his voice.  He started off by saying how excited he was for the wedding and didn't want to call me on Valentine's Day to tell me what he going to tell me........ Apparently Tyra Banks was in town and this was a huge opportunity for his career and he was going to split time between the wedding and her gig.....on and on.  At this point I was pretty much seeing red so I don't remember all the details.  I said something to the effect of we had a contract with him but he assured me that his right hand man would do a great job.

Tell me if I was excited to tell Mark what had gone down.

At this point Mark was so upset he was telling me it wouldn't matter that we could get someone setting up their iPhone and playing off a playlist for all he cared.  I was so horrified.  This was the person who was setting the tone for the entire wedding.  All of my requirements during the wedding planning was good food, drinks and a DJ to keep the partying going.  I was crushed and livid all at the same time.  Like why even bother signing a contract am I right????

At the end of the day the right hand man did a fabulous job.

At this time 3 days before my wedding I was not interested in hearing about how Tyra Banks was more important than my wedding.  Listen I know she can get all crazy

However you haven't seen me get all crazy 3 days before I'm walking down the aisle.

Naturally Mark was over joyed with the breech of contract also.

So with a lot of reassurance that somebody would show up to play our songs we did end up having a beautiful wedding that nobody would know was almost ruined by Tyra Banks.  My only advice to all soon to be brides out there is read the finest little detail print of all your contracts because when it is 3 days before your wedding and you have no options left.......you are literally at the mercy of all your vendors.  Which all of my other vendors were AMAZING!!!!  I have a running list of everybody that I can recommend to all my local peeps.  Please feel free to email me for any recommendations!

Now for more pretty pictures!  (These are ones that people have sent me from their phones or I've stalked off Facebook).

Powel Crosley Estate Wedding Pictures
Powel Crosley Estate Wedding Pictures

We had our first dance under the Chandelier no problem to "At Last" and nobody knew the difference.  Well except you and the entire blog world now ;-)  Did you have any last minute changes like that?  Can you believe Tyra stole my DJ????  xoxoxoxo

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February 24, 2015

~~*Wedding Love*~~

I hope you aren't sick of Wedding pictures yet......  I'm almost back to real life which means back to work today.  For all of your sweet wishes and honeymoon questions.  We stayed down in Sarasota for a few days relaxing.  Our honeymoon is planned for the late Spring time when the weather is warmer.  I can't wait to share those details with you.  I feel like we will really be able to enjoy it then since I'm still on cloud nine now.  My photographer sent me these few gems and I just couldn't wait to share them!

Wedding, Wedding Photography

I didn't see my dress or shoes for the first few hours of the morning and now I know why.  Absolutely stunning.

Wedding Dress, Powel Crosely, Wedding Pictures

Finally.  Can this picture be anymore perfect?

Wedding, Wedding Pictures

I hope you love them!  All of these images can be pinned (left upper corner hover).  My photographer does travel.  Any of my brides to be let me know if you are in the market.  I'll be back tomorrow with some regularly scheduled programming ;-)  xoxoxoxo

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February 23, 2015

The Best Wedding Weekend Ever

Checking in to share a few teasers with y'all.  I can't even begin to tell you what a magical fairytale the Wedding was.  Not a single flaw.  I wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and love.  I will be back this week just continuing with a little unplugging and soaking in this last bit of early marital bliss.  We stayed in Sarasota at the Ritz being pampered for a few days with our Honeymoon planned for May when it warms up where we are going.

I still get a little giddy seeing that ring on Marks hand not going to lie.

Powel Crosley Wedding 

The stars were literally aligned for our night.  

You know it's a good night when you are whisked away in a vintage Gatsby car.

Then head out to a swanky bar to continue the party with everyone including one of my brothers (every one of my siblings was in attendance!)

It was the most perfect night and I can't wait to share more with you!  I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!  xoxoxoxo

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February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites - It's the Wedding Day!

Happy Friday my loves!!!  If you are reading this I am currently getting ready for my big day!!!  I am so beyond excited to marry my best friend and love of my life.  Today is certainly one of my favorites of all days!

Some Wedding Funnies

Seems pretty fair no?

It is that awesome

Link up and tell me your favorites from this week!  xoxoxoxo

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February 19, 2015

'Twas the Day Before the Wedding

I think I had pretty lofty goals trying to post every day before my Wedding.  You can follow along with all the details by following me on Instagram......that is probably a safer bet for updates.  Until then think about the record cold weather we are having tonight for our outdoor rehearsal dinner.  Luckily the wonderful owners moved us into a beautiful indoor space with large bay windows to not miss that FL sunset.

I've had a much needed week off before the Wedding. My sister and I went to the Sandpearl Spa yesterday after my Aunt and mother spoiled me with another shower Tuesday night that started off with Nutella martinis but that story is for another time.  I am so excited for tomorrow!  I can't wait to be marrying Mark.

I'll have Friday Favorites link-up going tomorrow!  I hope y'all are having a fabulous week and I can't wait to catch up with everything next week!  xoxoxo

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